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Proposition 53 isn’t just deceptive -- it’s downright dangerous. Check out our latest ads now.

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What Californians are Saying

“Prop 53 irresponsibly fails to contain an exemption for natural disasters or major emergencies. It could impair our state’s ability to rebuild critical infrastructure following earthquakes, wildfires, floods or other natural or man-made disasters.” 

Lou Paulson, President CA Professional Firefighters

"Prop 53 would erode local communities’ ability to invest in critical infrastructure priorities by giving voters in faraway regions veto authority over projects they may never use and play no role in funding” 

Robbie Hunter, President California State Building and Construction Trades Council

“Prop 53 is dangerous because it would stall or stop vitally needed infrastructure projects all over the state including water reliability projects, road safety and bridge repairs, universities and college buildings and other infrastructure.” 

Allan Zaremberg, President California Chamber of Commerce

"Prop 53 gives voters in distant regions the power to block major projects in other parts of the state that many of our city residents need. This burdensome measure is bad news for local governments and citizens who deserve responsible infrastructure investment."

Chris McKenzie Executive Director, League of California Cities

“Prop 53 could threaten a wide range of water projects including storage, desalination, recycling and other vital projects to increase water supply and improve water quality.”

Tim Quinn Executive Director, Association of California Water Agencies

“Prop 53 would disrupt county governments’ ability to join together with other local governments or with the state to invest in local transportation improvement projects. It stamps on local control by requiring a statewide vote on some local projects, even if they don’t have statewide impacts. Prop 53 will increase infrastructure project costs and add bureaucratic hurdles that will delay investments in projects that improve our counties’ quality of life.”

Keith Dunn Executive Director, Self-Help Counties Coalition

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