Says 53, Which Attacks Local Control, is “Bad for California” 



SACRAMENTO –Governor Jerry Brown is featured in a new television advertisement hitting the airwaves today urging Californians to vote No on Proposition 53, the ballot measure that will erode local control and disrupt development of vital infrastructure including water supply, hospitals, highway, bridge safety repairs, and other infrastructure projects.

“53 takes away local control and increases the cost of roads, bridges and hospitals,” says Brown in the 30-second ad. “53 is paid for by one millionaire.  But it’s opposed by almost everyone else -- firefighters, nurses, newspapers and hundreds of organizations.  We say NO on 53 because it’s bad for California. Please, Vote No on 53.”

The ad ( is the first television spot that Gov. Brown appears in this year.

“As a former Mayor, Governor Brown understands better than anyone that Prop 53 is a direct attack on local control,” said No on Prop 53 co-chair Robbie Hunter, President, State Building and Construction Trades Council of California.

“Governor Brown is the most effective and respected messenger in the state in letting voters know just how detrimental Prop 53 will be to our communities and the ability to move forward with the infrastructure projects we need,” said California Chamber of Commerce president Allan Zaremberg, co-chair of the No on Prop 53 committee.

In addition, Gov. Brown recorded automated telephone calls that began reaching voters across the state on Wednesday night and sent an email to voters on Wednesday.

Proposition 53 is opposed by more than 300 organizations across the state representing local government, public safety, water, business, labor, agriculture, educators and more. Nearly every major newspaper across the state has urged readers to vote No on 53. Proposition 53 is being bankrolled by Stockton businessman Dino Cortopassi. He and his family have spent more than $5 million to date to promote the measure in an attempt to disrupt a single water infrastructure project.


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