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Most adults, & also teenagers, possess credit cards that are always in the wallets. Swiping is much simpler as compared to counting money to pay. In addition, it is very convenient due to the fact that online shopping is simple. In addition, you might charge a specific amount of cash & not be required to pay back the total amount of cash right away.

It might sound great but unfortunately, this is a trap which most individuals with a credit card debt tend to fall into. People fail to utilize these cards in the right manner, & then they, at last, get worried on how to clear off their huge balances that have accumulated.

In case you need to get rid of credit card debt, the following tips are going to show you the manner in which to utilize plastic in a responsible way.

Pay Your Balance Fully Each Month

You might have come across this statement that leaving a small balance on a credit card helps to increase credit. Well, this is a myth. You are not supposed to leave any balance on the credit cards in case you have the cash to clear them off. This is due to the simple reason that when you leave a balance you are going to be charged interest. Credit cards always have a 15% APR on average, which implies that you are going to pay more for the purchases at long last. It is just a good idea to pay off the whole balance prior to or during the due date.

In fact, if possible, you can consider making several payments through the entire month, for instance once per week. There are also individuals who pay on their cards after each purchase. In case you opt to do this, just ensure that there isn’t any penalty for exceeding a specific number of payments on the card every month. What is going to happen in case you possess rewards cards & are you are trying your best to earn some points? That is the same deal. You should leave any balance on the card so that your points can go through. They will be posted on the following payment cycle.

Set Up Payment Reminders

Among the worst means of ending up in a credit card debt is simply forgetting that you are actually on debt. Maybe you fail to check at your credit card statements regularly, or you stay for long without logging into your account. This should not be the case. There are several means of ensuring that you aren’t late to make a payment. The first one is to select automatic payments that can be done online or by simply calling that number at your card’s back. Once you want to alter the settings online, you will get a “payments” tab which should possess something that is near the “manage payments” or the “autopayments” below it.

For the automatic payments, there are several choices. One can:

• Pay the minimum amount that is needed
• Pay off the balance fully
• Pay your current balance on the statement

You should use the credit card as a debit card

Contrary to a popular belief, credit cards will not translate to free money. Due to that, you should avoid purchasing something which you are capable of purchasing using cash. A simpler means of approaching it is to simply treat the credit card the same way you treat a debit card. You cannot purchase something that goes for $500 in case you did not have the $500 in the bank account. Otherwise, you would face some overdraft fee. What we are to imply here is that you should avoid charging what you cannot afford to pay during the time of buying. Therefore in case you possess a balance of around $1,000 at the bank, you are not supposed to purchase anything which goes for $1,100.

Adhere to your budget

It does not matter whether you have some “formal” budget, or following the 80/20 budget, attempt & adhere to that budget as much as you can. Debt only comes due to impulse buying, therefore in case you remain on track that you set every month, you should not be spending much beyond your income.

Know the difference between needs & wants

Are you struggling saying “no” to those things that you want to purchase, with or without budget? Then it can be important to be clear on what a want and what a need is. In case you have to, move back to the basics & just charge what is needed, for instance groceries, utilities, among others. Utilize cash for the other your expenses in order to avoid being tempted to swipe each time when you get across something which you cannot resist.

Avoid obtaining a rewards card if you are not disciplined

This kind of credit cards are meant only for those individuals who are well disciplined when using credit since it is very simple to get captured in charging some purchases in order to earn points. Be cautious when utilizing the rewards cards, since they seem to have a higher APR as compared to the common credit cards. In case you do not clear your balance fully, you are going to be charged more on interest & that is going to negate the rewards or that cash back that you have earned.

Avoid using Your Card

As a matter of fact, the simplest solution to get rid of credit card debt is simply avoiding utilizing your card by all means at least till the point when you can easily control your spending. Some people actually freeze the credit so that they can utilize them when they feel much confident. Others even go to an extent of cutting up the card & simply avoid utilizing credit for long. It is now upon you to comprehend your limits & make your decision wisely.


Provided that you comprehend your habits of spending very well, take after your budget, & check in so that you can see how much balance you currently have in your card, you should simply be able to get rid of credit card debt with ease. It is just when you begin charging everything & anything without considering what is in the bank that you are at a risk. Take after the above steps & enjoy stress free credit card payments. To find out more stories on finance visit

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